So, let's get real, do you like your body?

Ugh!  Every time I open a magazine, there she is.

The "perfect" woman.

The one who is wearing the clothes just right, and they cling in all the right places.  Right!

And, then I check myself out.  Not too bad.............but don't take off the clothes!

I used to be like that in a big way.

Too often, I would judge my body, way more critically than anybody else.

Why is that?

Because we are programmed that way!

Magazines, clothes stores, TV, media matter how hard they try, they end up reverting to what they think everyone wants to see.

And, the impact of that gets into our brain.........deep join other memories we have of when we have been made to "feel" imperfect.

So, let's address that.  What is perfect?  There is no perfect.  Because, there's no one perfect when we combine our whole self like our mind, our emotions, our physical, and our spiritual self.  

And, perfect is just a made-up illusion.  Why?  There are very few of us that meet that supposed "perfect."

Do you remember Barbie?  I do.  I remember my kid sister playing with her "Barbies."  They had impossible waists, large hips, and boobs to die for.  Tall, willowy, and curvy in all the right places.


I've never seen one woman ever look like Barbie!  I don't even think I choose to LOL!

Women I know have small chests, big ones, small waists with larger than life bums and thighs, straight up and down, no ass, no boobs, stretch marks, large thighs, and skinny calves, and even the ones I know that workout hard, have had a touch up here and there.  On their face, a lift or something bigger in the boobs, a butt lift, a tummy tuck, liposuction, arm tucks, butt implants, lips, eyebrows, cheeks, and I could go on.


Because we are programmed. 

What if we weren't?  Maybe a lot of people would go out of business, but we would stop worrying about what we think is imperfect and put all that energy into something that's real, something that will bring laughter, happiness, and joy.

Now, I'm going to be real here.  Have I tried some of this stuff?

Hell yeah!  And, did it bring me joy, peace, and happiness?   HELL NO!

Just more worry about where the next wrinkle or tummy roll came from.

You see, perfect is really an illusion that we really believe in.  Why?

Because we're programmed.

It's all in our brain.  Lying down there with imperfect memories waiting to literally bite us in the bum, but really biting us in our continuous thoughts about how we look, feel, and how we can pretend, just for a minute, that we are really ok.  

So, what is important.

Being fully aligned.

That brings power.

Loving the body you're in, and being conscious of finding your ideal body.

So, what's that?

The body that is meant for you.  The one that was created for you.  Not a dress size, or a shape, the one where when you eat healthily 80% of the time, notice your emotions, listen to your mind, keep active, and be consciously listening to the spirit within.

The YOU, that takes time for self-care, loves her stretch marks (cause that's a reminder of her children,) looks in her husband, or lover's eyes, and sees love for the person she is inside and out.  The one that loves your curves, or your flat chest, your boy body, or your voluptuous one.  Or, the partner you're attracting that will only see your soul, and disregard imperfection because if he/she doesn't?  Then that ain't your soul partner.

Summing this blog up, the one that loves you does not see your imperfections.  They see your very soul.  The essence of who YOU are, not what you think you should be.

Please accept my gift to you of "Whole Body Health, The Weightless Way" a short E-Book I put together.  

And, remember, be kind to yourself and others.  

Ta Ta for now!


The Power of Focus

Focus is huge!

What you focus on you CREATE!

I can attest to that.................let me tell you a short story!

When the pandemic first began I made a statement about medical professionals were wearing masks and they were unavailable to the public at that time.  I began making masks..................and more masks..................and suddenly my day was consumed with making masks.

Where was my focus?

On making masks.

Was I successful?............................Heck yes!

So, here's a question?

Where's YOUR focus?

What's it on?

As I've been on this journey of coaching, both life coaching and health coaching, it's become very obvious that most people are focused on what they don't choose.

Like, I want to lose weight.

What if that statement were changed just slightly to be, " I choose to release weight easily?"

Now it's focused on a choice, not a "want" and believe it or not, your brain now sees this as a definite
 possibility instead of another thing that's "wanted."

Fascinating right?

The brain is brilliant.  It has memories from before birth, and in my mental health research and study, it's been proved that it believes exactly what you say.

So, when we write a "to-do" list, try writing an "I've achieved" list.  Your brain will release hormones that will give you energy and make you excited to start your day.  You see,  when you write your list like you've already achieved it, your brain believes it!

Try it!!


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How Does "Coaching" Really Work?

I'm often asked, "what do you do?"

Well, I have a lot of options for the answer, but most often I'll reply "I'm a Life Coach."

I've found that a lot of people really don't know exactly what a Life Coach does, and if "coaching" really works, or is it just another idea to part you from your well-earned money.

I can testify that Life Coaching has changed not only my life but a lot of others around me.

For instance, I used to have a LOT of habits that I thought were "just me" until I realized that HABITS can be gotten rid of, and especially the ones that I don't need anymore.

Like the idea that my mother gave me that I need to clean my plate at every meal because of the "starving children in Africa!"  Yeah right, she was sending them my leftover food or was I just overeating.

And, the other habit of always thinking someone did something to make me unhappy, unsuccessful, fat, untidy, unlovable or unattractive, is just plain horse poop!

But, I believed a lot of those things for way too long in my life, until I met a Life Coach.

And then, I started sharing the new possibilities I'd found with others.

First my family and friends and then anyone I could convince to listen.


Because my life changed.


It didn't happen overnight, but my eyes, heart, and mind sure began to understand that nothing outside of me could "make" me do anything, think anything, or feel anything.

I was in control.

When I really came to understand that, everything around me blossomed.

Relationships, work, money, opportunities, you name it.................. I had a different way of thinking and reacting.

How would you feel if you could ditch some of the thoughts in your head that drive you crazy, or lead you down miserable rabbit holes, where you feel either too small or too large!

Wouldn't that be awesome?

I'd love to show you how even 15 minutes in a free virtual coffee chat can change your perspective, and consequently your life.

That's why it's called "Life Coaching!"

Join me and sign up HERE for your free window of opportunity.

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Hope we talk soon!!!!


Is Stress dulling your Pearl?

Hey there lovely!

I'm jumping right into it today, because as your world begins to open up, what is stopping you from resuming all of the things you want to?

What feelings are causing you maybe stay "frozen" in place?

Sometimes, your thoughts can spin so hard and with so many good reasons, that you end up feeling frozen in place, unable to move, for fear that something bad is going to happen.

Let me tell you something.  That's your brain trying to protect you.

That the brain that's been trained to listen to a lot of doom and gloom over the last 15 months.

That's the brain that's stored so much deep down within that its job now is to try to save you from..........

maybe nothing?

Our brains have this fight or flight pattern and most of the time, your brain wants you to flee!

Stay far away from anything that might harm you.

But wait a minute................. what if there's nothing to harm you?

I mean we're not out there hunting lions and tigers, so maybe our brain is filling our mind with irrational thoughts that aren't true anymore!

Stress has become too normal over these last months.

Stress may have become so normal you don't recognize it.

Your mind may now be conditioned into thinking certain thoughts around any stressful situation.


Because your brain is supposedly keeping you safe.

A stressor for me has been the now sudden OK for not wearing a mask in public places.

I know I'm covered, I've been vaccinated, but yet my brain has a wired path that tells me it's not ok, it's not safe, even if it is!

What's keeping you frozen?

And, if you are "frozen" what can help you get control of the fear your brain is sending to you.

Well, I have a gift for you today.

It's a short read and 6 Ways to Fight Stress Fast.

You can download it HERE!

Make sure you get your gift and treat yourself to ways to put that brain to rest.

I'm also having a retreat at my farm on Saturday, July 24th and you can find all the details


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Yikes! I moved the fridge...........

So, you moved the fridge?????  Now you're going....................

The last time I moved the fridge, I was horrified, to say the least.

Then I was deflated.........

Maybe disheartened...........

I thought I kept my home pretty clean, but yikes!

It was embarrassing in a sort of way, but as I was cleaning all that "stuff" up, including things that had been missing for a long time, I had an Ephiny.  

Ok, remember the pearl in the oyster that is only formed by adding layer upon layer, sometimes layer upon layer doesn't make a pearl, it makes a mess.

I am well aware that when I shove stuff down deep somewhere in my brain, thoughts, and feelings, it can get messy.

I'm not attending to it, because I'm sort of hiding it, or hiding from it.

I don't want to look at it, and deal with it.

So, it grows.

Into big dust balls like you find under the fridge, or the stove when you finally move that sucker.

And, they are now covered up with other stuff.

Gooey, sticky, messy and it all needs a lot more attention to clean it up and out than if attended to when it first happened.

Well, I can't answer for you, but I am constantly amazed at what "old junk thoughts" are hidden deep inside my brain.

We all have old habits, which occur from old thoughts, that don't serve us anymore.

I know I have, and I know a lot of other people who struggle with those same old patterns that quite frankly are making them disheartened.

Disheartened because they can't lose weight and keep it off!

Disheartened because they're not happy with their relationships!

Disheartened because their finances are not in line with their expenses!

Disheartened because their new business is not gaining momentum and is crashing!

Disheartened because they think they are failing as a mom, wife, and daughter.

Did you know you can find those "blocks" or old "thoughts" that are now causing you to feel this way?

If you didn't know that, I can tell you now that you don't have to keep on being disheartened.  You can change those patterns which are leading to your feelings.

If that sounds like you, jump on over and join my FB group,  HERE, where we will be talking a lot about how to get from disheartened to enlightened!

If you'd like to have a virtual coffee chat with me click HERE and book an appointment.

Have a beautiful day!


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