Attracting the Life You Want with Essential Oils!

We all have patterns or habits in our lives, some of which don’t serve us anymore, yet we can’t seem to release them and find a new way of doing things.  Living your best life is a trend it seems, but you can have all that you want in your life, it’s a matter of deliberately creating every day with intention.  Let me show you how and then get my recipe for relieving overwhelm and anxiety in your day!

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1. Understanding how to change our mood!


We all know how the smell of an apple pie baking in the oven can bring back happy memories, but other smells can also trigger bad memories.  When we trigger those memories, or thoughts we don’t want, it can be very difficult to move past them, and sometimes those very thoughts are preventing you from achieving things you really want to manifest in your life.  The sense of smell is powerful in changing our mood as well as changing our negative thoughts into more positive ones.  Essential oils are the perfect example of being able to change our feelings and thoughts but be very well informed when you are purchasing these amazing oils.  They are not all created equal.


2. How doing daily affirmations can change your thoughts!


It’s so easy to fall into the habit of criticizing yourself, telling yourself how “fat, dumb, stupid, etc.” you are, but when you say those words to yourself, they are literally stopping you from changing.  You see, when you focus on the negative, you can’t focus on the positive at the same time. When you shift your focus to “I’m beautiful/intelligent/smart just as I am,” you will then be focused on going forward, not staying in the same place. And, when you do this consistently like every day, your life will change and move towards what you want instead of what you don’t want!


3. Changing your mindset creates transformation!


When you deliberately capture your thoughts daily and don’t let the negative ones take over and rule the roost, this creates transformation in your life.  Your mind in control of your feelings, your actions, and your outcome.  So, when you intentionally change a negative thought to a more positive one, it affects how you feel, what actions you will take, and what outcome you will have.  Using essential oils to help change your thoughts about difficult situations is powerful and can make leaving negative thoughts behind so much easier.


4. Overwhelm/Anxiety Reset Recipe


2 drops of geranium

2 drops of clary sage

1 drop of patchouli

1 drop of ylang-ylang

Triple the recipe and add almond oil in a 5ml rollerball


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What is a Life Coach/Aroma Freedom Practitioner

As a life coach, I help you identify what stops you from deliberately creating the life you want. Along with essential oils, I will help you to get back in control to succeed in all the goals you have set for your life.

I  help women who are overwhelmed juggling life and family, get back on track in one hour a week with my proven plan of success of using essential oils.