The Truth About Getting What You Want!

Our brain is powerful!

It can be logical, practical, creative, intuitive, create thoughts, powerful, and silent.

We have a thinking part, (the left brain,) and a feeling part, (the right brain.)

And when they come together to be single-minded, we have power, the ability to act, make huge changes in our lives, be healthy, peaceful, and joyous.

Now, ask yourself, how often are you single-minded?

Most of the time, if you're like me, I am struggling with my left and right brain having a tug of war!

I write a list of your desires, goals, dreams, and then the feelings of doubt, fear, unworthiness, and self-sabotage start to make those things I really want seem almost impossible.

So, then the buffering comes in.

"What's buffering" you may ask.

It's all the things you do that stop you from consciously putting the two sides of your brain together and get it done.

When you know that you need to write that schedule for next week or food prep so you won't cheat, or put your latest blog, or offer out there for people to see, you sidetrack yourself.  You watch some rubbish TV or eat a bag of chips, scroll through social media, anything but put in the work to get the desires of your heart.

Why does this happen, and why does it happen so often?

Because really the brain thinks it's protecting us from doing something uncomfortable.

And, to intentionally create the desires of your heart requires you to get uncomfortable.

Life changes, which come from changing feelings, and thoughts, require single-mindedness.  Single-mindedness requires the conscious effort to bring both sides of the brain into harmony.  To a single mind. 

A mind that is powerful, and can create all of the things you wish to have.

Learning to be single-minded takes being mindful.  Practicing mindfulness.  Daily, hourly, every time you feel distracted from your purpose.

Mindful of thoughts.

Mindful of words.

Mindful of feelings.

When we feel one thing, and think the same one thing, we are using our whole brain.  

We are no longer at war inside, we are no longer double-minded, we are single-minded on that one thing.


To put it simply, to create your success, your desires, your goals, you need to agree with both sides of your brain.



Have more "BOOM" moments in your life!

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New Year, New You!

Well, we all have New Year's resolutions right?

I can say for myself that I usually do and they are different goals for different parts of my life.  I actually love to look back at my diary and see what I wrote last year and how did that all go? I dreaded doing that this year because I really thought we would be through with this pandemic, and somehow magically biz and life would resume to somewhat what they looked like before.

Well, I'm pretty sure some of you can agree that 2021 seemed like a long 2020, and no, for the most part, things did not pan out like they used to.  I found myself pivoting, procrastinating, putting plans in place to find that people weren't ready to socialize, and feeling like life in some ways was great, but in other areas seemed to slide down the rabbit hole.

I'm not one to give up, and I know for sure you aren't, so as the seasons flowed through I realized I needed to stop swimming upstream and go with the flow.  Finding the flow was a bit tricky, but I knew it was out there if I just persisted, and find it I did.

Right now we are in the Holiday season where stress, and overwhelm can get us if we let it.  It's a season of too much food where we are tempted to overeat, or sometimes overdrink, in the spirit of being merry, and if we go too much with that flow our New Year's resolution will include losing the Christmas season's extra 10lb!

My resolutions for the next year have been tweaked and changed a little.  Oh, there'll be the usual biz goals, personal, spiritual, and growth goals, and also the goal to go with the flow of things.  Allow for the unexpected, give time to rest, and recuperate, make time for fun, laughter, prayer, and meditation, so life looks a little more balanced.

This year, I've lost some dear friends, not just to the pandemic, but to stress, resulting in lives being ended too soon.  It's made me stop and think about what life is really for.  Being abundant in all areas of my life, not just slogging away for finances, goals, cleaning, washing, cooking (unless I'm enjoying that,) making sure of my physical fitness, and attending to my quiet times as in prayer, and meditation.

This next year my motto is New Year, New You!

Did you find yourself in a similar situation?

What would you like to find that would transform your New Year into a New You?

Most women I know are wanting to finally get their ideal body, and their ideal mindset to enable them to not worry about always trying to fit into those jeans that really look great, and are just a bit too tight.

We can all go on diets, and I have done that just like you probably have, and I've found that to be tedious, stressful, and in the end, unsuccessful.  When I learned that to find my ideal body and keep it revolved around my mind, and mindfulness, that's when I found and kept the body that has served me well.

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Is Stress dulling your Pearl?

Hey there lovely!

I'm jumping right into it today, because as your world begins to open up, what is stopping you from resuming all of the things you want to?

What feelings are causing you maybe stay "frozen" in place?

Sometimes, your thoughts can spin so hard and with so many good reasons, that you end up feeling frozen in place, unable to move, for fear that something bad is going to happen.

Let me tell you something.  That's your brain trying to protect you.

That the brain that's been trained to listen to a lot of doom and gloom over the last 15 months.

That's the brain that's stored so much deep down within that its job now is to try to save you from..........

maybe nothing?

Our brains have this fight or flight pattern and most of the time, your brain wants you to flee!

Stay far away from anything that might harm you.

But wait a minute................. what if there's nothing to harm you?

I mean we're not out there hunting lions and tigers, so maybe our brain is filling our mind with irrational thoughts that aren't true anymore!

Stress has become too normal over these last months.

Stress may have become so normal you don't recognize it.

Your mind may now be conditioned into thinking certain thoughts around any stressful situation.


Because your brain is supposedly keeping you safe.

A stressor for me has been the now sudden OK for not wearing a mask in public places.

I know I'm covered, I've been vaccinated, but yet my brain has a wired path that tells me it's not ok, it's not safe, even if it is!

What's keeping you frozen?

And, if you are "frozen" what can help you get control of the fear your brain is sending to you.

Well, I have a gift for you today.

It's a short read and 6 Ways to Fight Stress Fast.

You can download it HERE!

Make sure you get your gift and treat yourself to ways to put that brain to rest.

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Yikes! I moved the fridge...........

So, you moved the fridge?????  Now you're going....................

The last time I moved the fridge, I was horrified, to say the least.

Then I was deflated.........

Maybe disheartened...........

I thought I kept my home pretty clean, but yikes!

It was embarrassing in a sort of way, but as I was cleaning all that "stuff" up, including things that had been missing for a long time, I had an Ephiny.  

Ok, remember the pearl in the oyster that is only formed by adding layer upon layer, sometimes layer upon layer doesn't make a pearl, it makes a mess.

I am well aware that when I shove stuff down deep somewhere in my brain, thoughts, and feelings, it can get messy.

I'm not attending to it, because I'm sort of hiding it, or hiding from it.

I don't want to look at it, and deal with it.

So, it grows.

Into big dust balls like you find under the fridge, or the stove when you finally move that sucker.

And, they are now covered up with other stuff.

Gooey, sticky, messy and it all needs a lot more attention to clean it up and out than if attended to when it first happened.

Well, I can't answer for you, but I am constantly amazed at what "old junk thoughts" are hidden deep inside my brain.

We all have old habits, which occur from old thoughts, that don't serve us anymore.

I know I have, and I know a lot of other people who struggle with those same old patterns that quite frankly are making them disheartened.

Disheartened because they can't lose weight and keep it off!

Disheartened because they're not happy with their relationships!

Disheartened because their finances are not in line with their expenses!

Disheartened because their new business is not gaining momentum and is crashing!

Disheartened because they think they are failing as a mom, wife, and daughter.

Did you know you can find those "blocks" or old "thoughts" that are now causing you to feel this way?

If you didn't know that, I can tell you now that you don't have to keep on being disheartened.  You can change those patterns which are leading to your feelings.

If that sounds like you, jump on over and join my FB group,  HERE, where we will be talking a lot about how to get from disheartened to enlightened!

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Have a beautiful day!


Your minds' GPS

Did you know that your mind has its own maps and guidance system?

It has memories since before you were born.

That's why sometimes you react instinctively,  seemingly without thought.

But, you did have a thought, one that has been programmed into your brain from a memory so long ago.

Ok, let me explain.

All of the situations, good, bad, happy, sad, or indifferent, are stored in your brain.

In a tiny peanut size place called the Amygdala.

And, this part of your brain is trying to keep you safe, protected, and away from harm.

Except, you don't need some of this anymore, you are not in danger of tigers and snakes!

I've got a freebie for you today and you can get this at the end of this short message.

It's all about how our mind can rule us if we let it.

You see, it's OUR mind, not the other way round.

By that, I mean, your mind is not in control of you, you are in control of your mind.

It sounds like gobblygook I know, but it's why sometimes we are too afraid, and fear overcomes us and keeps us from moving forward and enjoying our life.

It's why we have subconscious habits that derail us all over the place.

Like releasing weight, achieving that goal, turning that side-gig into a paying one, going on that cruise or holiday you've dreamed of but can't seem to ever have enough finances to book it!

It's our brain, out of control, and stopping us from getting what we want because of old beliefs it thinks are still serving you and keeping you safe!

The good news is..............

YOU CAN take control and learn to focus on what it is you want, not what you don't want.

So, you can download my free, short EBook, "Find Your Focus" below, and if you'd like to chat more about it join me on a zoom call on March 8th and let's talk about why you struggle with the small stuff, the stuff that gets between your toes!

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