Kate PenwarnThompson Speaker Bio.
Kate is a Speaker, singer/songwriter, actress, best-selling author, and Certified Life Coach. She is also a mother of twelve children.

She began her singing and acting career in Australia, gaining measurable success in professional theatre, film, and television.

She moved to the United States in 1991 with her husband and four children. She continued her singer/songwriting career, singing at the infamous Blue Bird Cafe, and then re-established her acting career.

Kate performed lead and supporting roles for Sid Roth's "It's Supernatural," and was the supporting actress in an award-winning Indie Film,"Patient." She also won Regional awards for acting, and writing original music for theatre. Kate has also been the voice actor for "Rude Zude" in Warframe, an animated internet series, and "Fact Dragon," an animated Learning program for schools.

Kate is also an award-winning songwriter, winning CMT songwriter, and Singing News Gospel writing competition. Her song "Bullet and a Bible," recorded by Marty DeRoche, is currently being played on Christian Radio. She has also released four Independent Albums of original music.
Kate was also the Drama Director at Mt. Paran North COG in Marietta. She led artistic ministry teams to Australia and also has ministered in Hungary, England, and Scotland.

In Kate's parallel personal life, she has been a foster parent to over fifty children, and also adopted eight children. She has written a best-selling book, "Is Eight Enough" about the miracles that happened along this journey. Kate rescued a child from a broken adoption, flying to Brussels to bring him home to the States. Her book "Finding Friday," tells the riveting story of rescue and restoration.

Kate is also a multi-certified Life Coach who authored "Find Your Purpose, Find Your Passion" which has an accompanying online course that helps women become unstuck and reclaim their lives through scripture and stories. She has led several coaching retreats at her farm and organized, led, and spoke at Songwriter conferences for the Nashville Songwriters Association.

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Renewed Mind: Transforming through Christ-Centered Change Part 1. CLICK HERE!

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Original song sung at Write About Jesus:  "There'll Be No First Stone". CLICK HERE!  

Original Christmas song sung in service:  "The Best Gift of All."  CLICK HERE!  

Short Bio:

Kate is a speaker, singer/songwriter, actress, best-selling author, and a certified Life coach.  She is also the mum to twelve kids!

For the past thirty years, Kate has been serving the Lord and His people at her home church and around the world.  She wants nothing more than to bring others into a deeper relationship with Jesus.

When Kate is not speaking, she's acting in films, ministering in song, or coaching women to get unstuck!

Kate has online courses and books to help those she ministers to.

Her heart-centered storytelling and teaching will have you laughing and leaning into the lessons God has for you.  She might also burst into a song or two.

She is available for booking at: Email: coach@katepenwarnthompson.info or PHONE: 404-2160159.


Here is a video that will give you a peak into what Kate speaks about!  Click HERE!

These are some of the topics Kate speaks about. She has a passion for helping women grow spiritually by embracing change through Christ.

SPIRITUAL GROWTH: Renewed Mind: Transforming through Christ-Centered Change

Transforming through Christ-centered change is a journey of profound significance. Through Him, we shed the burdens of our past and step into a future where our actions, thoughts, and habits reflect the glory, becoming living testimonies to the incredible power of His redemptive love.

SPIRITUAL GROWTH: "Transformed by Grace: 5 Steps to Changing in Christ"

In the hands of our Savior, change becomes not just a possibility, but a reality. We are transformed by His love, made new in His grace. Step by step, we change in Christ, becoming living testimonies of His power to transform lives from the inside out.

SPIRITUAL GROWTH: "Renovating the Soul: Transforming Unwanted Behaviors through Jesus' Guidance"

Jesus's transformative power invites us to release the chains of addiction, negativity, and harmful patterns, replacing them with virtues of love, self-discipline, and forgiveness. As we surrender our burdens to him, we discover a newfound freedom to embrace healthier ways of being.

SPIRITUAL GROWTH: "Heartfelt Insights: Navigating Life with the Wisdom of Jesus and Emotion"

Jesus's wisdom, rooted in love, compassion, and understanding, provides a guiding light that encourages us to embrace our emotions as a way to foster relationships that are authentic and deep. This urges us to respond to life's challenges with grace and to approach our fellow beings with kindness.

SPIRITUAL GROWTH:  "Belief U-Turns: Changing Minds through the Light of Jesus"

Just as light dispels darkness, Jesus's teachings illuminate our thoughts, encouraging us to reevaluate our beliefs and attitudes. Through his example of compassion and understanding, we learn to embrace empathy and humility, fostering a mindset that welcomes growth and change.

SPIRITUAL GROWTH:  "Reborn in Redemption: Embracing Change through Jesus"

Embracing change through Jesus is a transformative journey that invites us to experience the profound power of redemption and renewal. Just as Jesus's teachings and sacrifice brought about a profound shift in the course of history, they also offer us the opportunity to undergo personal and spiritual transformation.

SPIRITUAL GROWTH:  Soulful Journeys:  Exploring the Depths of Faith.

Faith is marked by a willingness to surrender to God's plan. It's a belief that extends beyond the visible and propels believers to embody virtues of compassion, forgiveness, and love, as found in the scriptures. It invites and nurtures a sense of purpose, offering peace in times of uncertainty and inspiring a lifelong pursuit of spiritual connection with God.


These are some of the comments from my last speaking engagement.  I spoke to a group of Realtors and Brokers about "Change Your Mind, Change Your World!" When we truly lean on Jesus, we can change anything!


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