This is the course where I will help you DIG DEEP to unlock blocks and achieve your goals and dreams!

Hey there,


If you'd like to know with certainty how to achieve all you want in your life so you can experience more abundance and joy.........


Then keep reading because this is going to be the best offer you've read in a long time.


But before I tell you about it, let me make this very clear:


This IS going to require work on your part.


Both before, during, and after our sessions together.


But, if you desire it enough, apply yourself and take massive imperfect action with everything I show you in our coaching sessions together.....


You'll know exactly how to intentionally create and achieve that goal or dream you've got in your life right now.


And want to know the best part?


Your newfound insight into how to attract and achieve what you want will be the start of your new deliberately created abundant life!


Here's what I mean by that:


What I'll be coaching you in pre-work, our six coaching sessions together, and AFT sessions when needed, online, or by zoom...............


Is exactly how I've successfully transitioned from, a broken marriage, changing countries, careers, and being unhappy with my body.....


To a decades-long successful marriage, more successful business adventures, my ideal body, and a new exciting career that keeps evolving!


After establishing and selling three businesses very profitably with my partner, I found my genius or power place was the ability to be able to move up and move on to attract and intentionally create what the Universe had next for me.


With the power of knowing exactly how to deliberately create what you want in life, you can remove the limiting beliefs that hold most people back......


and have a more abundant and fruitful life by finding your own genius, or power place!


This has all been made possible for me thanks to really understanding how my Mind's GPS works and applying it every day in my life.




I'm also not suggesting that everyone (or anyone for that matter) who receives this information is going to automatically achieve everything they want and have it immediately, or even in the future for that matter.


Unfortunately, it's also likely that many who choose to work with me on this offer will do little or nothing...........


With all the information, worksheets, insights, and support that I'll give them.


(especially if they don't follow suggestions, and take massive imperfect action.)


I know from my own personal experience, your ultimate success will ALWAYS be your responsibility.


Disclaimer: I'm not teaching this coaching course for these types of know who I'm talking about.....the whiners, the complainers, the excuse-makers, the get-it-quick chasers.


I'm offering this coaching course for YOU!


Someone who's serious about getting a go on, will take action and make the most out of the pre-work and our multiple sessions together.


So if you're interested in knowing how to achieve what you want in your life now.........


and are wanting to find out more about what this coaching course will look like.......


It's time to step up and put on what I like to call those "big girl undies" 😊


It's time to promise yourself that you won't be one of those people.....


That does little or nothing with what I am about to give you in this Six Week In-Depth Coaching Course.


But rather makes this course your defining moment of 2020.


So with that understood, let me tell you about......


Exactly What You're Getting In This Six Week In-Depth Coaching Course


This course is different from what I usually do.




Because I want to be able to show you how easy it is to receive what you want into your life.....


And, I want you to be able to start right now!


I'll be sending you a pre-work sheet as soon as you reserve your spot to coach with me.....


I'll also give you a link to my calendar to book your first session with me.....


And I'll give you access to resources that will help you get going in your life now.


Sounds fantastic, right? 

Yes! It's possible!


I'm here to help you understand exactly how to attract and create exactly what you want and get you going in the direction you're desiring.


I’m a Life Coach and Aroma Freedom Practitioner who can help you find purpose and passion to embrace things you want and release things you don’t.  I help you shift your focus, regain confidence through coaching, processes, and techniques,  to deliberately create the lifestyle you desire. You don’t have to wait……………you can have it all.


Together we'll find your genius, and your power place, as well as the tools to start attracting what you want in your life!


Whether you want to find your ideal body, a job you love, a partner that is waiting just for you, improve your finances or explore new adventures this course is for you!


If you're really ready to jump in, find out how to do this and STOP trying to figure it out on your own..................


Then this Six Week In-Depth Coaching Course is your golden gateway.


You'll come away from these sessions with renewed inspiration, new insights, and how to use your genius, (your power place) to get more of what you want in your life.

Dig Deep


The Six-Week In-Depth Coaching Course includes:


1. Identifying what you want and don't want worksheet:


This is a series of pre-work questions to help you focus on the things you really want in your life........including relationships, career, ideal weight, and finances.  It will help you identify what you want to ideally work on in each session with me.


2. Six  One-on-One Weekly coaching sessions


These coaching sessions will help you get clarity on what you want, and what is stopping you from achieving your desires. 


We'll identify where your secret powers are and how to use them to the best advantage to move on and up to attract and create the things you want.

3.  Aroma Freedom Technique Sessions

These are sessions where I will take you through the AFT and you will DIG DEEP into what's blocking you from achieving what you want...  This works for any goal you have including weight loss, business goals, personal goals, memory release, and much more.  We will use Young Living Essential Oils to do this session.  If you don't have any I will get those to you so you can have the best outcome from the session.

There are several techniques I use from 10-minute quick Re-Sets to 30-40 minutes of a full Digging in Deep session.


4. Worksheets.

There are several worksheets that you will receive during the six-week course.  Each one is designed to help you be aware of what you want in your life over what you don't want.  These will bring clarity to your mind and help you eliminate old beliefs and Mind Maps that do not serve you anymore.

5.  Meditations

You will have access to several guided meditations (recorded by me) to help you visualize and clarify your goals and dreams.  These will be sent to you to use when you need to re-focus.

6. Extra Resources

You will have access to extra resources that I have created in the form of Ebooks, Videos, and recordings.  There are also many processes to help you stay on track and learn to be present and aware.

7. An 84 Page Weightless/Mind/Body/Spirit Soul Journal

You will receive the beautiful 84-page journal that I created to keep track of my affirmations, plus food and drink, among other things. This is for you for a lifetime to reprint and use every day.


8.  Your One Page Life Plan

This is your one-page life plan to help you stay focused on where you want to go, what you want, and how you plan to get there. 


This will include processes you can use every day to help you stay on track, as well as affirmations you can begin to implement in your daily life.


I'll be so excited to hear your success stories and what's happening. We can talk about any adjustments you need to make to your plan.


So are you ready to jump in and begin to attract what you want? Great! Here's How to Get Started.


Your Investment for One-on-One was $597 but

now slashed to $499 (Use 'FLASH"

Your Investment for Group Coaching was $297 but

now slashed to $199 (Coupon for the group is GROUP VIP)


Step 1.  Make your payment for One-on-One on this page -  $499 for a limited time only!  You can click below or pay on the pop-up page.


  Step 1. 
Make your payment for Group Coaching on this page- $199 for a limited time only!  You can also click on the pop-up page and add the coupon.


Step 2.  Within the next 24 hours of making your payment, you will receive an email with the “Identifying What You Want and Don't Want Worksheet.”   You will also get instructions on how to book your first 60- minute session.


Step 3. After you complete your worksheet, you'll receive an email from me with a link to my calendar to schedule your six sessions. You can pick the best dates and times available for your coaching calls.


Step 4. Check your email for your "Identifying What You Want and Don't Want Worksheet."


Still, have questions? You can email me at