Warning!  This program will cause faster, bigger breakthroughs with your clients!


Do you have clients that just can't seem to get unstuck?

Are they searching to find purpose in their life?

What if they could leave that past relationship behind, and begin
to move forward faster?

Do they struggle with their weight and can't seem
to create their ideal body?

How would it feel for them to be able to attract the perfect job in record time?

What about finally being able to move on into a new relationship with their perfect partner?

What if you had the solution to "Bigger Breakthroughs" faster?

If you relate to any of these questions this method of coaching is what you're looking for!

Hi, I'm Kate and I'm a Life Coach, Health Coach, Emotional Freedom Coach, and an Essential Oils Coach.  I've used my
genius power to design this unique and exciting way of coaching using Young Living Essential Oils along with Life, Health, and Wellness Coaching.


What are your clients ready to change in their life?

Does constant doubt, worry, or anxiety stop them?

Do doubts crop up in every session, but their DESIRE to change is 
still strong?

What if you could find a faster, more effective way to eliminate their
doubts, fears, and worries for good?

You need a proven way to achieve exactly what they want.

You need a fabulous method to release the blocks and doubts in your client's brain.

You need to help them get their mojo back and get moving and doing.




 Hey there Coach, there is another answer!

Wouldn't it be great to find a faster way to get awesome results so your
clients can leave the stress and worry behind?

How would they feel after "Bigger Breakthroughs" and find faster
emotional freedom by being in charge of their thoughts
and emotions?

Do you think they would love to manage the feelings around lack of finances,
what's for dinner, schedules, and everyday events better?

What about a fast track to their dreams, desires, and goals?


1. You see I'm a Life Coach, a Health Coach, an Emotional Freedom Coach, and an Essential Oils Coach.  I discovered the power of Essential Oils in my coaching practice in January of 2019.

2.  I've experienced what it's like to coach with Essential Oils and I know what it's like to coach without them.

3. I've discovered which oils are the most powerful for accelerating results through research.

4.  I've certified in Aroma Freedom Technique and seen the breakthroughs WITHOUT coaching. Now that I've gained more knowledge as a Certified Essential Oils Coach, I am able to help more.

5. I've developed a whole program around The Seven Essential Laws and the Seven Essential Oils. I've taught this program in a live group course, as well as in retreats, and also in an online digital course.  I've also taught this to my certified coaches, and Jacci and Jordan use this in their practices. I know it WORKS!

6. I've been using Essential Oils in my practice for nearly three years with massive major breakthroughs in my retreats,one-on-one coaching, and group coaching.

7.  I know that using Young Living Essential Oils is the key to the breakthroughs and major shifts I've seen in my clients.  They are the first and only Essential Oil that uses Seed to Seal.

One question?

Do you believe and desire to help your clients leave the past and the memories behind
and move on with massive breakthroughs?

Then you've come to the right place!

Here's what you get when you sign up for
The Essential Oils Coach's Way!

Oh, and we will be using Young Living Essential Oils.  
Here's the LINK to check it out!

You can either choose a bundle of the emotional oils (Here's the LINK) and/or
choose to become a Brand Partner, which means you can streamline and build another income stream alongside your coaching.

In this course you will have access to the following:

1.  A manual that has everything you need for not only reference but to use in your coaching.

2. 14 videos that will lead you through The Accelerate Emotional Freedom Way.

3. Another 14 plus videos that will explain the Seven Universal Laws and the oils that will enhance them.

4. A FB group where you will join other certified coaches in a like-minded community.

5. Practicum online Lessons so that you feel comfortable coaching with Essential Oils.

6. Ongoing training in Essential Oils, their purposes, uses, and how to use and apply.

7. Every day affirmations, live FB teachings, and access to guided meditations.

8. Extra weekly Zoom calls in the FB community for extra training, and to answer any questions.

9. Personal access to me, Kate, founder of this program, for any other questions you need answered

10.  Guides, templates, and tools to enhance your business.