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A few years ago I was worried about being disfigured........................

Hey there! 

A few years ago I was worried I would be disfigured from Skin Cancer surgery to my eye.

I’m Kate and I hail from a “land down under” which leads me to the issue I have dealt with for a great deal of my adult life.

You see, growing up in the tropical sun without sunscreen left its mark on my skin.  I'm constantly dealing with pre-cancers not only on my body but also on my face. Having crusty skin patches on both sides of my face is not exactly attractive.  It’s hard to disguise even with makeup.

I have had four serious skin cancers removed.  I’m lucky I don’t scar, but after the last one which required a skin graft in the corner of my eye, I don’t want to have anymore.  

So, when it was recommended to use a very harsh chemical cream on my face I wasn't very excited at all.  And, after reading about the possible side effects as well as the permanent damage that could happen, I didn't want to use this cream at all.

Then I was introduced to a company that had awesome products that really went hand in hand with my Life/Health/Coaching practice.  As I got more knowledge about each product offered, I found I could address my skin issues naturally, without chemicals. 

I began my research and that led me to totally heal these rough patches on my face using these natural products.  It worked like magic! I used two different products.  One product was to bring the damage out and eradicate it, and the other to heal.  Once the damage came to the surface, I switched to the healing product, and in just a couple of weeks what had been very prominent damage on my face was gone.

I now use a home remedy serum, containing both of those products, every day.  

I feel great as my hard crusty patches are gone from my face and I don’t even mind being seen with no makeup!  There is nothing anymore to hide!

I had always been diligent with sunscreen, though there are some aspects of life you can’t control, especially being a youngster in the tropics before they knew about how to protect us from harmful rays.  My passion for always looking for the answer paid off, and introduced myself to the best products I’ve ever used!

What I came to understand was I want everyone to know about these awesome products!

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