T.E.C.A. is a coaching academy that teaches The Law of Attraction, Causal Coaching, Money Coaching, Mindset, and also uses the power of essential oils to help manifest your dreams and goals.
Kate is also an AFT Emotional Freedom Coach, and a Health and Wellness Coach.  All these methods are incorporated into this Life Coaching course. You will learn practical processes, and techniques to not only help you on your journey but will empower your clients to live the life they envision.

The current curriculum consists of four modules:

                                MODULE 1.  Coaching Skills 101. 6 Weeks.
                                MODULE 2.  The Seven Laws of Attraction and the Essential Oils that co-ordinate. 7 weeks.
                                MODULE 3.  Meditation, Visualization, and Conscious Alignment.  6 weeks.
                                MODULE 4. The Art of Capturing Thoughts (Mindfulness) 6 weeks.


Cost of the Life Coaching course $1497.00



I got so lucky. Or blessed rather. I started my Life Coaching journey JUST before Oola came to the scene in HBR, through someone IN HBR.

I HIGHLY reccommend doing life coaching, if not for business, for your own development.

I've had one on one attention, in ALLL aspects of life coaching, over a more extended period of time so that the principles I've learned can marinade, and so that I can apply them properly and be as wholly authentic as possible when I coach.

It's been the best, most effective self development I have ever done.

I am taught all about the nuisances of life coaching, pricing, given resources and education from someone who has been doing it a long time, in a way I HIGHLY resonate with, on a super personal level, for about half the price.

No, there is no promise of work after, but I'm not paying any monthly fees, and I have a relationship with my coach in a way that I can build my customer base with support that has longevity. We do not rely on scripts at all, as the teaching lends itself to mastering concepts so wholly, that it flows during sessions. 

She has taught the Laws of Attraction as well as life coaching principles, and how to use ALL the oils to help people reach breakthroughs, instead of only 7.

My coach is also a certified AFT practitioner so she knows how oils work to help the life coaching process. 

I am not knocking anyone, or Oola or anyone who is doing it or in ANY way lessening the experience anyone has through them, but I am merely saying that there are other options that may suit you well if Oola is not your ideal fit and you really want to do Life coaching.

I have no vested interest in promoting my coach - no kick-backs or anything of the sort, so hear my heart when I say I am BLESSED.

Just consider your needs, and see if it fits and is everything you want it to be.

If not, know that there is another way.