Shift and get unstuck in just one session!

Are you stuck and can't find out why you're not moving and achieving your dreams?

Do you find the same thoughts or beliefs keep coming up in your mind?

When they do, are they derailing you, stopping your progress towards something you really want?

If that rings a bell then I can tell you that booking an Aroma Freedom Session is the ANSWER you've been looking for!

After you've been through this session, you will have clarity and a new perspective of why you keep stopping and starting!

Most of us have felt stuck at some point in our lives. If you’ve ever wanted to break free from past emotions or shift your mindset so you can take the action that will make your dreams a reality, you’re going to love what I’m going to share with you today! And of course, it involves one of my favorite things — essential oils!

 (AFT,) or Aroma Freedom Technique is a totally unique way to use essential oils and aromatherapy. It’s safe to use for anyone who wants more emotional freedom in their life, even kids! Since this technique utilizes only all-natural Young Living essential oils and guided imagery, it’s safe for all of us!

In the late 1990s, while working in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Dr. Benjamin Perkus hit upon a connection between scent and emotion. In developing Aroma Freedom Technique, he has combined 20 years of practical experience as a licensed Clinical Psychologist with 15 years of experience in essential oils to change the negative personal experience into positive reactions.

AFT can help with a multitude of issues that wreck our self-confidence and make life hard:

  • Negative Self-Talk
  • Emotional Triggers
  • Distressing Memories
  • Self-Sabotaging Behaviors
  • Fear
  • Self-Doubt
  • Bad Habits
  • Cravings
  • Limiting Beliefs

What Does AFT Do?

Aroma Freedom Therapy helps you to profoundly connect with what you truly desire in your life and clear any resistance you have to take action on fulfilling your life ambitions. It’s simple and safe.

Who Needs AFT?

The Aroma Freedom Therapy was designed to help people who are not achieving all that they wish to—which is really all of us in some way, isn’t it? We find ourselves holding back, even though we don’t want to. This holding back is usually due to subconscious stimuli, programmed responses that go back to what is usually perceived as the traumatic events of their past. Since it’s in our subconscious, we aren’t even aware it exists! How are we supposed to deal with it then?

AFT is for anyone that wants to succeed—the athlete who needs to break through to the next level, the entrepreneur who wants to grow her business, or for anyone who wants to be rid of negative emotions that are holding them back and causing them psychological pain.

Aroma Freedom Therapy actually interrupts the cycle of negative emotions and re-defines them. It’s a proven way to break out of the cycle of negativity or quieting the inner critic we all have. It can also be effectively used for releasing chronic pain and relieving the stress and pressure of daily life.





1.  Aroma Freedom Technique is a unique and powerful way to remove any blocks, fears, doubts, or old beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your desires, your dreams, and your goals.

2.  Let me explain how it works.  Your amygdala is the place in your brain where your memories are stored as well as any patterns, or beliefs you have grown up with.  The amygdala responds to smell, especially Essential Oils.  So, when using certain Essential Oils, it brings attention to memories that may be holding you back from what you are trying to achieve in your life right now.  Using oils, you can change old beliefs, and release old memories that bother you.

3.  This method is not a diagnosis, nor am I a medical professional, but it is very powerful and helps you to let go of what is not serving you anymore and move into what is meant to serve you.

4.  I typically merge AFT with coaching, so sessions can be shorter or longer.  

If you would like a personal session with me you can contact me by clicking on the button below.

The cost of one personal session is $75.  

You can also book packages with me.  Packages come in three sessions, or five sessions.

The cost of three sessions is $175.

The cost of five sessions is $325.

I know this technique is awesome and works!  Please book a time below and we can have a virtual coffee chat and work out the right option for you.

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