Break out of the habits and patterns that are keeping you from your dreams!

Does the thought of looking at those New Year's resolutions fill you with stress?

Did you put off starting on your resolution?

Are you feeling like this is a roundabout that you've been on for a long time and can't seem to get off?

Is your wish that you could be filled with joy and peace instead of stress?

Then I have the answer for you!

Every year around this time, I've coached many clients around their thoughts, feelings, and actions regarding resolutions they make every year and fail at doing what they really desire.

You might ask, "what resolutions?"

Like, I desire to release weight, I desire to start an exercise program, I desire to get my business up and running, I desire to rank up in my sideline business, I desire to work for more money and have more time with my family, and I desire to focus on where I am going over where I've been.  The list goes on, though I have a proven method that will help you make a change and achieve your desires.

This is going to work for you if,

1.  You are done trying to do this by yourself.

2.  You are open to suggestions to change.

3.  You need support and encouragement.

4.  You need proven methods.

5.  You've got to the place where you're sick of being on this roundabout.

Break-Out will give you all the support and methods you need for permanent change in your life !

What will you get out of this Six-Week Program?

1.     You will identify what you really don't want to do and how to do it anyway.

2.     You will learn how to keep your thoughts on track.

3.     You will know how to go with the flow and create shortcuts.

4.     You will understand how facing necessary tasks will and can work for you.

5.     You will gain knowledge and skills to enable you to be peaceful, instead of stressed out.

6.     You will have tools to keep yourself organized, and productive.

7.     You will have a plan that will make this fun and easy.

8.     You will be confident to create your resolution exactly how you desire it to be.

9.     You will be able to let go of stressful expectations you don't desire.

10.    You will create change and deliberately create what you desire!

Ok, this all sounds great, though how does it work and how much does it cost?

I will be coaching you in a group via Zoom.  Why I love doing groups is that you can bring a friend along with you and you can keep each other accountable when the program is over!  And, if you do bring a friend, there will be a BONUS reward for you!

Groups are also a way to make new friends as well as keep the cost down and it's loads of fun interacting and helping each other.

How will this work?

You will get your zoom link every week, and if you cannot attend, it will be recorded.

You will get a worksheet so you can keep track of your plans and decisions.

There will be a guided meditation at the end of each session.  As these sessions are recorded you can keep these to go back and re-listen.

There'll be time for questions and answers, as well as specific coaching around issues that come up.

There will also be lots of fun and laughter while you discover how to have your personal journey through permanent change. 

The cost will be $197.00.  Though if you register early you can apply the COUPON CODE  'EarlyBird' and get the course for $50 off for the price of $149.00

I'm excited to see you in the group!

Make sure you grab your seat today.  And, bring a friend and grab a BONUS!

This is your year.............let's make it happen