Never worry about writing copy again!




Hey Lovely Lady!

Are you ready to create the copy that really sells your courses and offers?

Writing copy can be downright daunting.  You've done your research, you've looked at other people's offers,  and tried everything to achieve copy that appealed to your ideal client.

You have a website and have followed the suggestions, but nobody is reading or buying!

But, still, you struggle to know the easy way to write copy that sells!

You wonder where to find your motivation again and feel frustrated because, despite all your writing efforts, nothing seems to get better or move forward in the direction you desire.

You'd love a magic fix, but also are smart enough to know success requires not only hard work but smart thinking.

If that sounds familiar, then this course is going to be the most important course you've ever taken.

But, before I tell you all about it, let me make this very clear.

This is going to require work on your part.

Writing copy is easy when you follow the steps, but it takes time to work out the kinks, and also to rewrite.

But if you apply yourself to learning all that's involved, and take massive imperfect action, then you will begin to easily create the copy that appeals to your ideal client and sells you offers!


Here's what I mean by that:

What I will teach you in this course is exactly how I have learned to write copy that not only appeals to my client but sells.  

Using the Formula that I will teach you in this course I have been able to let go of mindsets and beliefs that tell me I don't write copy well enough, and I now easily create offers, sales pages, and emails in no time at all!  Also, my clients and students have used these same principles to create their own copy for all their needs

This is how I have been able to create online courses, sales offers, emails, landing pages, and anything that requires writing copy.  You might ask how?  Because I learned from some of the best copywriters out there, and I did my homework.

By understanding and implementing this formula, I have been able to discern what form of written copy is working for me, and what doesn't serve me or my client. By coming to the realization that good copy has a flow and a formula.

Knowing how this works has made all aspects of writing easier, and quicker to be able to create the copy I want and need.  I have learned that even when my creative mind is lagging, writing with this method gets the juices flowing easily in my brain.

Here's what I've learned about the structure of copywriting

1.Knowing how to start your copy

2. Knowing how to qualify your client

3.Knowing their issues

4.Knowing how to solve their issues

5. Knowing how to give them the best value



I'm not suggesting that everyone (or anyone for that matter) who does this course will actually implement it.  Unfortunately, it's also likely that many who do this course will not change, or use this formula to write their copy.

Even with everything spelled out, and all the information at their fingertips.

Your ultimate success will ALWAYS  be your responsibility.


Someone who is a serious doer, who will take action and begin to implement this formula into your writing immediately.

So, if you are interested in "How to Write Copy that Sells"  and want to know this easily implemented formula and how it will attract your ideal client, then it's time to step up and step out and put on what I call "those big girl undies!"

It's time to promise yourself you won't be one of those people that does little or nothing with this course, but make this a defining moment in your life to step into the future you want to create.

So with that understood, let me tell you more about the course...............

(Hey if you just want to skip to the chase and get this awesome deal!!!)


What you will get with this course:

1.  Seventeen videos explaining in detail how to write copy that sells. 
2. Exclusive access to my private coaching Facebook group where you can ask all of your questions.
3. A wonderful Community of like-minded lovely ladies in the FB group.
4. Ongoing learning in the Facebook Group.
5. Live training by me within the FB group.
6. Bonus Emotional Freedom Session (in the Units Section)
7. A free copy of my book Find Your Purpose/Find Your Passion...................A Mindset Book.

The total value of all of this is incredible,  but I have drastically discounted it so you can easily afford it.

So there you have it!

I can guarantee you will learn not only how to write copy easily, but write copy that sells!


If you're still reading this you must be pretty interested in finding out more about taking the next step so I'm not going to beat around the bush anymore here's what your investment will be:


Your total investment for this course is.....................


Ridiculous right!

This course normally costs a lot more than this, but in these times I know that YOU need this valuable information to pivot and change your direction to expand all the things you want.....