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Let go of The Weight, Let go of The Worry!


“Are you ready to ditch dieting and learn how to eat healthily?.............
So, you can finally achieve your ideal body and maintain it for life.”

Dear Lovely Lady,
If you’d like to know with certainty how to create not only your healthy lifestyle as well as your ideal body, then this is going to be the most important course you've ever taken.
But before I tell you about it, let me make this very clear.
This is going to require work on your part.
Both before, during, and after you start this Model of how to create your ideal lifestyle.
But if you apply yourself and take massive imperfect action with everything I show you during this course………
You too will have your ideal body and mindset around your new healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life!
And you know the best part?
You’ll never have to diet again!

Here’s what I mean by that…..

What I will be sharing with you through the eight Modules of The Weightless Way Model……….
Is exactly how I have maintained my weight and my ideal body since I was a very young lady.
This Model that I have created allows you to not only release the weight for once and done, it will also give you the understanding of mindset and mindfulness, so you are never eating or drinking without thinking!
Being mindful and understanding when to stop eating or drinking, has been the reason I have been in weight maintenance for nearly all of my life.
You see, I made a commitment to myself years ago, that I would be fit and healthy, still wearing my blue jeans, when I was ninety!
I’m sharing this not to boast but to show you the power of being able to tap into your whole body, mind and spirit to be set free from the constant weight struggle.

Long story short, this is one of my Genius Zones, turning what I’ve learned over many years, four natural births, and eight adopted children, into a Model that you can apply to your own life.
This model I’ve created is truly learning this once, and it’s done…………..
Once you have learned the skills that are given to you in the Model, you can be free from dieting ever again in the whole of your life………
And, you will not only have created your ideal body, but you will have a whole new way of thinking about food and drink.


I’m also not suggesting that everyone (or anyone for that matter)…. who chooses this Model is going to change their body or their thinking………….
Unfortunately, it’s also likely that some who choose this Model will not follow through and will do nothing or very little.
Even with all the tools that are implemented into the Weightless Way Model.
Especially if they don’t follow the suggestions and do the mindful processes.
Disclaimer: This program is not for those who are not ready for change and are also not willing to do what it takes to get there.

I have designed this program FOR YOU!

Someone who is a serious doer, will take action and make the changes to create and achieve their ideal body and lifestyle.
So, if you’re interested in harnessing this digital, once and done, lifetime Model…………
And are wanting to find out about what this course looks like……..
It’s time to “bite the bullet” and commit and promise to yourself that this will be a defining moment in your life!
So, with that understood, let me tell you about………….

Exactly what you are getting in The Weightless Way Model

This model is very different from any other weight program out there.
Because it addresses where the problem comes from and changes your thought patterns about healthy living.
This Model has been designed to address the whole body and mind, not just releasing weight.
From day one of this Model, you will have everything to set you up for success.
You will have daily journals.
You will have worksheets.
You will have weekly meditations.
You will have a Facebook group where you can ask any question.
You will join a community of like-minded lovely ladies who are on the same journey.
You will have access to ongoing updates and teachings.
You will have full support to make this an incredible once-and-done experience.
This is pretty cool, right?
So there you have it………….. The Weightless Way Model.

Why did I create this digital once and done Model?

Because there are too many people who are living longer but don’t have a good quality of life for their last twenty or so years.
There’s too much wrong information out there around diets and dieting and not enough information that gives you the right tools to help you understand how to change the behaviors that have caused you to become over your ideal weight.
Too many of us are still hearing the patterns of our childhood which do not serve us anymore.  

Do you really still need to clean your plate no matter how much is on there?

The incidence of obesity and disease such as Type 2 Diabetes, Cancer, Dementia, Strokes, and Heart attacks are increasing because of how we are thinking and how our thinking is leading us into unhealthy lifestyles.
And, lovely lady, we as women have been conditioned to think we have to look a certain way in order to have approval or be accepted. 

THIN is not IN!

Did you know that you can be skinny fat?
Yes, because you are naturally a thin person, but are eating foods that are not serving you well.
Creating your IDEAL body comes in all different shapes and sizes as well as what the number says on the scale.

How will The Weightless Way Model benefit you?

You will have this Model to live by f_o_r_e_v_e_r!!
Providing you take massive imperfect action you will create your IDEAL body for the rest of your life!
You will avoid finding yourself pre-diabetic, or in the stroke or heart attack zone because you have changed your behaviors and your way of eating and drinking.
Your life will have quality for all the years, not just the ones when you are relatively young.
And on top of that?  You will feel great, you will look awesome and you’ll love how you look in your clothes!

So, what are you waiting for?
This Model is for you:
  • If you have tried all the weight loss programs and have given up.
  • If you hate “detoxing.”
  • If you’re burned out and exhausted because you work long hours and lose track of when you ate.
  • If you can’t see the point of exercising and don’t have enough time.
  • If you eat at a time, not because you’re hungry.
  • If you just can’t stop eating sugar.
  • If you always wake up tired and never get enough sleep.
  • If you still have those “small sizes” in your closet for the day when you can wear them again.
You get my drift!

And now, The Big Question……
What’s your investment to have this Model for life, and all the support that comes with it.

Let’s check them off:

  • Daily journal.
  • A food portion plan.
  • Processes to do daily to help you change behavior.
  • Worksheets
  • Daily affirmations
  • Weekly meditations.
  • Facebook group support.
  • Community on social media.
  • Extra and updated training when available.
  • Ability to get your questions asked when you need them.
  • Checklists to help you make sure you don’t miss a thing!
  • The Hungry Eater Meter helps you visualize and learn when to eat.
You will get eight Modules, one per week with between 6-9 training lessons in each module.
Courses and training that are similar to this cost at least $2000 and up.
I considered whether I wanted to help a few or many.  For me, that was to serve as many as I can.
Your price for all of this is $797.00


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See you inside!
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