Are You Giving Yourself Permission to Shine?

Are You Giving Yourself Permission to Shine?

I was talking with my friend Trace, (who is my student and also my co-conspirator,) last night about giving ourselves, and others permission to shine.

Many times we feel we have to strive to get where we want to go, take control of the reins so to speak.

We feel we need to be heard and seen, and just can't trust that if we don't work hard at making our star rise, it will never be seen.

Often this causes frustration, feelings of rejection, hurt, and doubt.

It also brings up past memories of things we might have thought we failed in the past.

It doesn't have to be like that.

It's not meant to be like that.

Take a case in point that Trace and I were putting our heads together about last night.  A client who doesn't like herself right now because of her weight.

She says unkind words to herself constantly and listens to old thoughts that her brain keeps bringing up about how many times she's failed to release weight and find her ideal body.

She is "feeling" hurt because her partner complains they can't travel because of her weight.

And, so the circle of old unwanted thoughts that don't serve her continue to stop her efforts to release the weight as well as the patterns that are keeping her where she is.

What's really happening here is she is not "allowing" herself to be exactly where she is right now, and she's not forgiving herself for past mistakes.

When we don't forgive ourselves, we are not able to allow our true self, the pure consciousness that's God within us, lead, and guide.

Also, when we don't forgive and allow ourselves to operate in pure consciousness, we are more likely to think that others fail to see us as we perceive they should.

We all have a light to shine, some seem brighter than others, but we all still have a light.

Sometimes, we are the ones that are dimming our light because of fear, unforgiveness, and feelings of insecurity that our light needs to shine brighter than everyone else.

How awesome would it be to not only forgive ourselves and others but allow each of us to simply be who we all are at this moment?

Unconditional love, or allowing ourselves and others to be exactly where we are is one of what I call the Foundations of Life.


Because it's what God has asked of us, and when we allow this to flow in our life, abundance and joy follow.

Cease striving and know that I AM GOD!

And yes, there are essential oils that will help you with letting go of old beliefs and patterns that do not serve you anymore.

An essential oil blend that helps to release hurt feelings and negative emotions.  It also helps release negative memories, allowing one to move past emotional barriers and attain higher awareness, assisting the person to forgive and let go.

An essential oil blend that exemplifies the true power of synergy.  Together, all of its component oils are magnified in vibration, creating the drawing, the energy, and frequency of prosperity and plentitude.

Both these oils can be applied topically to inhale, or diffused when you are working on forgiveness to allow all things to shine your life.

There's also going to be a place shortly where you can get a lot of help for all things regarding our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being.

It's a FB group, a new group that Trace and I are going to be doing together.

Whole Health.

Where Life Coaching meets Health Coaching to address the whole person.

We will be doing two zoom calls this Sunday.  One that will be USA EST 6 a.m. and Australia EST 8 p.m. Sunday, 9th August.

The next will be USA EST, 7 p.m. Sunday, 9th August,  and Australia EST, 9 a.m. Monday 10th August.

Australia is currently 14 hours ahead of us in EST.

I will be sending the zoom link in an email,  and also putting this in the group, Go-Getters.  Don't miss it, you have two opportunities.

Let YOUR light purely shine through the One in you that is love, light, and goodness.

You can always contact me through email, or text.

If you would like to personally chat with me, or experience Life Coaching with essential oils you can click HERE to set that up!

Your Brain and Essential Oils

Your Brain and Essential Oils

I'm not a Scientist, a Doctor, or even a Therapist, but I know the smell of particular Essential Oils can affect and influence my mood, feelings, and thoughts which of course includes my actions.

This was something I stumbled upon.

But, when I did, it changed how I lived my everyday life.


Well, as a Life Coach, I know that my thoughts can rule my day, and if those thoughts are negative ones, they can begin to play havoc with my goals, and dreams.

In the world we are living in right now, it's hard not to have negative thoughts.

There's chaos in every sort of media, and it leads to frustration, anger, sadness, and overwhelm.

All of those feelings are valid, and feelings are just waves that wash over us if we let them.

But, what happens when our feelings seem to envelop us?

How do we escape the cycle?

The answer is pretty simple, as in, change your thought!

But, actually knowing that and doing that, isn't easy sometimes.

When the cycle of negative thoughts and feelings seems hard to escape and is now interfering with your goals, and the way you want to live, then I have a great way to break that cycle!

As a Life Coach, I know that our thoughts lead to our feelings, which lead to our actions and outcome, but sometimes changing a thought can become a difficult task.

And, that's where Essential Oils meet Essential Laws!

Using Young Living Essential Oils to dig into why those negative thoughts are coming up for us is just awesome!

I will never forget being in the Young Living Lavender fields and how that smelled and felt!

Lavender!  The Swiss Army Knife of oils!

It's calming, relaxing, uplifting, and helps us release old beliefs and memories which trigger some of our current emotional responses to the global situation occurring at the moment.

There are so many oils that combined with Life Coaching and the Universal Laws, that can and will change your thinking about old beliefs that do not serve you anymore.

If you're struggling with thoughts or old beliefs I would love to help you.

Thursday 25th, June, 6.00.p.m. I am doing an "on the house" Aroma Freedom Technique session with a little Life Coaching thrown in.

This is going to be via Zoom!

I would love for you to join in and participate.

If you would love to have a one on one virtual coffee chat with me, just click HERE!

If you would like to jump into a small taste of coaching with 7 Essential Laws and 7 Essential Oils click HERE!

Have an awesome week!


If you've lost it, it's time to find it again.............YOUR MIND!

If you've lost it, it's time to find it again.............YOUR MIND!

These are different times............

There's a lot going on to process........

The world as we knew it before March 2020 doesn't exist anymore..............

That can be scary!

Enough to overwhelm us...........

More than enough to stop us in our tracks.........

and, forget our self-care...........

as well as the things we know work, like using our essential oils, to help our minds, and our mindsets!

This has not passed over anyone, everyone has been affected in some way.

Children have not seen their friends.

Parents, or some of them, have seen too much of each other, causing stress and upset.

I want to tell you something............


Yup, that sounds like a weird statement, right????

It's not.

Our God knew this time was coming and knows the outcome.

He has given us an inner strength that lies there waiting for us to tap into it.

What stands between our desire to be strong and how we are coping is our MIND!

Our mind remembers.........

Good things, bad things, how we react to things........

Those reactions are called belief systems......

They're meant to help us but,.....

sometimes they stop us instead  helping us.....

in fact, while our mind, brain, thinks it's protecting us......

it's actually got us stuck in a pattern of belief we don't need anymore.

Where does that come from?

Old memories, events, and occasions........

and those things can trigger responses now that you don't need anymore.

Does any of this sound familiar?

What pattern are you in that isn't serving you anymore?

What old belief is hanging around like a bad smell that you can't get rid of?

I can help..........

In fact, I'd love to help........

and then, you can get going to the future that is waiting for you.

Just contact me here and we can have a virtual chat!

I can take you through an Aroma Freedom Technique that will reset your mind and your belief systems

And, because I feel I am called to help in these unusual times.................

it's on the house!

My gift to you!

Nothing to lose, a lot to gain!

Contact me HERE and let's find what's in your way!

Hey darls, are you up for a challenge?

Hey darls,  are you up for a challenge?

Hey there!!

I want to share something super huge for me.

I'm in a challenge, a big one.

One that's scary!

I'm doing an Aroma Freedom Technique on myself every day for this challenge!

Have you ever taken on a challenge?

What did it feel like?

And, did you succeed in your challenge?

Sometimes we get stuck!

When we stay stuck, our dreams and goals can literally go down the toilet!

We are in historic times, where fear has crept in and can keep us "stuck" not knowing how to get going again!

Doing a FUN challenge can help us get going and encouraging each other to do the same!

So, I'm giving you 15 days to get ready for the challenge.

Some tips to get ready:  

Go to your FB and make a list of friends (at least 30) you haven't reached out to in a while.

Write beside their names how you know them and what connects you to each other.

Go back to your FB and find friends who you think might struggle with a health problem that you have an oil, or recipe that might help them. (at least 30)

Write beside their names how you found out about this problem and where you know each other.

I promise you this will be FUN and you will reconnect with friends that you haven't shared anything in a while.

We're going to start this on the 15th of June and finish on the 30th of June!

For those who participate, there'll be a prize from me for the one who is most consistent.

More details to come so watch for the next information on Go-Getters!

If you're not on Go-Getters on FB here's the link, go and join and let's have fun!

Talk soon,


What Happened To The Me I Know ?

What Happened To The Me I Know ?

I went to Costco earlier today.

Life as we knew it has definitely changed.

I wouldn't have believed what I saw today if you'd told me this just two short months ago.

Everyone was wearing masks.

There was no food court.

Everything was changed.

Have you felt you've changed through this?

Have you suddenly stopped?

And, now that things are opening up, are you still staying home because you're afraid?

Fear can change us to the point we don't recognize who we are because we've lost our sense of purpose.

Has your purpose changed from two months ago?

Some of us were leading ministries in our church.

Some were working at their jobs that are no longer there.

Everyone has become a chef whether you can cook or not, and a teacher while working from home.

We are NOT the same as we were.

But, have you GROWN through this?

Have you found a new sense of purpose or do you need a kick start?

Or, have you gone back to work and found it's not what you want to do anymore?

Have you found a greater faith than you had before?

I've got a gift for you today and I hope you read it and find where you are in this unusual time.

You see, what we focus on is what we get.

If you focus on the fear, the isolation, and the lack of normalcy as we know it, then that's what will become your life.

If you focus on going forward, growing in your faith, and finding ways to pivot to a new place, then that's what will become your new life.   

So give me a grin, have a laugh, and find the new improved you that's going to leap into this new and changing world.

I'm here if you want to chat.  Just contact me and we can have that virtual coffee and solve the problems of the world!!

P.S.  Here's the LINK to get your EBook,  Get Your Focus On!

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