Well, we all have New Year's resolutions right?

I can say for myself that I usually do and they are different goals for different parts of my life.  I actually love to look back at my diary and see what I wrote last year and how did that all go? I dreaded doing that this year because I really thought we would be through with this pandemic, and somehow magically biz and life would resume to somewhat what they looked like before.

Well, I'm pretty sure some of you can agree that 2021 seemed like a long 2020, and no, for the most part, things did not pan out like they used to.  I found myself pivoting, procrastinating, putting plans in place to find that people weren't ready to socialize, and feeling like life in some ways was great, but in other areas seemed to slide down the rabbit hole.

I'm not one to give up, and I know for sure you aren't, so as the seasons flowed through I realized I needed to stop swimming upstream and go with the flow.  Finding the flow was a bit tricky, but I knew it was out there if I just persisted, and find it I did.

Right now we are in the Holiday season where stress, and overwhelm can get us if we let it.  It's a season of too much food where we are tempted to overeat, or sometimes overdrink, in the spirit of being merry, and if we go too much with that flow our New Year's resolution will include losing the Christmas season's extra 10lb!

My resolutions for the next year have been tweaked and changed a little.  Oh, there'll be the usual biz goals, personal, spiritual, and growth goals, and also the goal to go with the flow of things.  Allow for the unexpected, give time to rest, and recuperate, make time for fun, laughter, prayer, and meditation, so life looks a little more balanced.

This year, I've lost some dear friends, not just to the pandemic, but to stress, resulting in lives being ended too soon.  It's made me stop and think about what life is really for.  Being abundant in all areas of my life, not just slogging away for finances, goals, cleaning, washing, cooking (unless I'm enjoying that,) making sure of my physical fitness, and attending to my quiet times as in prayer, and meditation.

This next year my motto is New Year, New You!

Did you find yourself in a similar situation?

What would you like to find that would transform your New Year into a New You?

Most women I know are wanting to finally get their ideal body, and their ideal mindset to enable them to not worry about always trying to fit into those jeans that really look great, and are just a bit too tight.

We can all go on diets, and I have done that just like you probably have, and I've found that to be tedious, stressful, and in the end, unsuccessful.  When I learned that to find my ideal body and keep it revolved around my mind, and mindfulness, that's when I found and kept the body that has served me well.

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