Focus is huge!

What you focus on you CREATE!

I can attest to that.................let me tell you a short story!

When the pandemic first began I made a statement about medical professionals were wearing masks and they were unavailable to the public at that time.  I began making masks..................and more masks..................and suddenly my day was consumed with making masks.

Where was my focus?

On making masks.

Was I successful?............................Heck yes!

So, here's a question?

Where's YOUR focus?

What's it on?

As I've been on this journey of coaching, both life coaching and health coaching, it's become very obvious that most people are focused on what they don't choose.

Like, I want to lose weight.

What if that statement were changed just slightly to be, " I choose to release weight easily?"

Now it's focused on a choice, not a "want" and believe it or not, your brain now sees this as a definite
 possibility instead of another thing that's "wanted."

Fascinating right?

The brain is brilliant.  It has memories from before birth, and in my mental health research and study, it's been proved that it believes exactly what you say.

So, when we write a "to-do" list, try writing an "I've achieved" list.  Your brain will release hormones that will give you energy and make you excited to start your day.  You see,  when you write your list like you've already achieved it, your brain believes it!

Try it!!


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