Have you ever been really sticking to your daily routine and then "poof" it goes out the door!

You had your time for everything.  It was going great until..................

You had the next baby, the teenager snuck out, then everyone got the stomach virus............

And, suddenly your routine is so hard to get back to.

Why is that?

Let me tell you, it's not the physical part that's hard, it's the mental fatigue, the feelings of not being in control, the thoughts that you are not managing.

It's the mindset that can creep into your already overtaxed Mamas' mind that is the real culprit and it can derail you for days, weeks, and sometimes months.

When routine goes out the window so does, health, exercise, the house, the kids, the spouse, and anything else in the mix.  Going through the fast-food window seems like a really good idea when the kitchen is full of last night's plates and dishes.  So how do you break the cycle and get back into a healthy routine?

Here are a few tips for you:

1.  Get everyone involved.

If the house got out of order then everyone was part of that so get everyone together and allocate jobs to all to get it tidy, clean, and everything in place.  When this happens at my house and suddenly we have a guest coming, everyone has to get on board.  One person is not responsible for the household mess, or clean up.  Besides, you can make a game of it, have small prizes for little ones, and a $ or two for the older ones.  You might be surprised, they could enjoy it and have fun as well as make memories.

2.  Make sure your mindset is right.

Kids are really great at mirrored behavior, as are spouses, friends, and anyone else you know.  In other words when you are feeling frustrated and it's coming out in the form of a raised voice, or other actions that cause tension, then everyone around will mirror your behavior.   Starting the clean-up project with the right attitude is 90% of the battle.

3.  Plan to have some favorite fun time after.

Think about a fun activity that you can do after it's all cleaned up.  Maybe a trip to the park, a favorite treat, anything as long as you don't make more mess before you get your routine established again.  This is what I call good Mama bribery.  Rewards are great incentives to teach your family to all pitch in whether it's cleaning up, cooking, yard work, the laundry, or any other chore that's part of daily life.

4.  Make sure you have practical storage for kid's/teens stuff.

When my large family was young I soon worked out that with 8 under 7 I was going to have a lot of toys, videos, trikes, etc., and I needed storage so I wasn't tripping over everything.  I ended up finding two large wicker boxes with lids that really did not cost a lot, looked nice, could be used for end tables, and held all the little stuff that's so hard to put away.  I highly recommend something to keep the tidying up fun and easy.  

And don't forget those young adults who need places to keep their "stuff" tidy, and most of all, able to be found! I can't tell you how many times my teens have had their clothes all over the place and got out of routine.  Make sure they have a hamper for the dirty ones, and a clothes basket for clean ones to put away!

5.  The power of praying.

So, one of my secret weapons with my kids was the power of prayer.  Oh, and I don't mean going to my prayer closet, I mean if they were in a disagreement, for the want of a better word, I would get them together and have them join hands and pray for each other.  Nothing like having to pray for that brother or sister is faster to get things back on track.  A little God guilt never hurt anyone of my kids.  It did make them think twice about picking on their brother or sister though! LOL!  This works with your teens and young adults as well.  Heck, prayer works for everyone!

Once you get your routine back then make sure you watch for the little things that can throw it right back out again.  In the next blog, I'll give you some great daily habits to put in the day that will help you stay sane and healthy!

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