Ugh!  Every time I open a magazine, there she is.

The "perfect" woman.

The one who is wearing the clothes just right, and they cling in all the right places.  Right!

And, then I check myself out.  Not too bad.............but don't take off the clothes!

I used to be like that in a big way.

Too often, I would judge my body, way more critically than anybody else.

Why is that?

Because we are programmed that way!

Magazines, clothes stores, TV, media matter how hard they try, they end up reverting to what they think everyone wants to see.

And, the impact of that gets into our brain.........deep join other memories we have of when we have been made to "feel" imperfect.

So, let's address that.  What is perfect?  There is no perfect.  Because, there's no one perfect when we combine our whole self like our mind, our emotions, our physical, and our spiritual self.  

And, perfect is just a made-up illusion.  Why?  There are very few of us that meet that supposed "perfect."

Do you remember Barbie?  I do.  I remember my kid sister playing with her "Barbies."  They had impossible waists, large hips, and boobs to die for.  Tall, willowy, and curvy in all the right places.


I've never seen one woman ever look like Barbie!  I don't even think I choose to LOL!

Women I know have small chests, big ones, small waists with larger than life bums and thighs, straight up and down, no ass, no boobs, stretch marks, large thighs, and skinny calves, and even the ones I know that workout hard, have had a touch up here and there.  On their face, a lift or something bigger in the boobs, a butt lift, a tummy tuck, liposuction, arm tucks, butt implants, lips, eyebrows, cheeks, and I could go on.


Because we are programmed. 

What if we weren't?  Maybe a lot of people would go out of business, but we would stop worrying about what we think is imperfect and put all that energy into something that's real, something that will bring laughter, happiness, and joy.

Now, I'm going to be real here.  Have I tried some of this stuff?

Hell yeah!  And, did it bring me joy, peace, and happiness?   HELL NO!

Just more worry about where the next wrinkle or tummy roll came from.

You see, perfect is really an illusion that we really believe in.  Why?

Because we're programmed.

It's all in our brain.  Lying down there with imperfect memories waiting to literally bite us in the bum, but really biting us in our continuous thoughts about how we look, feel, and how we can pretend, just for a minute, that we are really ok.  

So, what is important.

Being fully aligned.

That brings power.

Loving the body you're in, and being conscious of finding your ideal body.

So, what's that?

The body that is meant for you.  The one that was created for you.  Not a dress size, or a shape, the one where when you eat healthily 80% of the time, notice your emotions, listen to your mind, keep active, and be consciously listening to the spirit within.

The YOU, that takes time for self-care, loves her stretch marks (cause that's a reminder of her children,) looks in her husband, or lover's eyes, and sees love for the person she is inside and out.  The one that loves your curves, or your flat chest, your boy body, or your voluptuous one.  Or, the partner you're attracting that will only see your soul, and disregard imperfection because if he/she doesn't?  Then that ain't your soul partner.

Summing this blog up, the one that loves you does not see your imperfections.  They see your very soul.  The essence of who YOU are, not what you think you should be.

Please accept my gift to you of "Whole Body Health, The Weightless Way" a short E-Book I put together.  

And, remember, be kind to yourself and others.  

Ta Ta for now!



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