How to beat the blues and stamp out the stress!

Do you ever feel like your falling down that same sinkhole again?

Like, been here done that, don't wanna go there but can't help myself?

Do you ever wonder why that happens?

It took me a long time to find out, but I did and I can share how you don't have to go down that pit again!

So here's a couple of things I found out that can change those feelings pretty quickly.

You see, feelings are generated by thoughts.  Thoughts and patterns of behavior come from a little place in our brain that is the size of a peanut.  The amygdala.

This is the place in your brain that holds your beliefs which are caused by patterns in your life.

Thoughts alone cannot change the amygdala because it learns by experience, but it is also highly reactive to smell.

Let me give you an example.  

A friend I was talking to last night told me she was feeling very stressed and upset about some health issues her daughter was having.  She went for a walk to try to shake it off.

It had just rained, and she could hear and see her neighbor cutting the grass.  She could also hear the sounds of nature.

She found herself transported back to Sunday afternoons as a child.

Her dad was cutting the grass and she could now smell the newly cut grass which gave her a vivid picture in her mind.

The smell of the earth after rain brought memories of her mother watering the garden as her dad was mowing.

She was transported back in time remembering that while those chores were being done, she was jumping on the trampoline laughing with her sisters.  

A joyous happy memory.

Her feelings of stress and upset were replaced by a feeling of happiness.


Because of the smells and sounds she experienced, her amygdala took her back to another time, a memory of happiness, which came in a eased her feelings of stress.

When I'm feeling stressed, upset or anxious I know how to help my amygdala get past that.  Smell essential oils.

I can diffuse it, I can apply it topically or I can just rub a couple of drops on my hands and breathe it in until the effects of the oil, or blend of oils, change my mood.

All because my amygdala will respond to the positive smell with a positive feeling.

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