It's the era of virtual everything, other than going to the grocery store or the pharmacy!

And, after all this time of sheltering in place.................

How's it going???????

Well, for us here, it's not a lot different because we both work from home, but is there a lot more work, like cooking, etc?

Heck yeah!

And, you think you've stocked up but with six teens to twenties home?

The pantry and fridge now have locks!!!!  LOL! 😂 

Not really, but it sure feels like I've become a B & B or a restaurant, and a full-time cleaner!

Seriously though, all jokes aside, I miss our social life.

I miss eating out with friends, or just popping by.

I miss browsing at the grocery store.

I miss my space!

But, this crisis which has thrown us all for a loop, really can be our opportunity as well.

For instance, I haven't done much sewing in years.

I used to sew everything, and now there's been a need to get that sewing machine out of the dust and get making masks.

I have loved it!!

How are you feeling?

Are you struggling with loneliness, or feeling like this is never going to end?

Mindset, and how our brains react to a crisis is different for all of us, but if we continue to see this as only a crisis, our brains are geared to protect us with thoughts that sometimes are not good for us.

Our brain thinks it's releasing adrenaline to protect us, to put our guard up, but in fact, can lead us to be over-anxious and panicky!

What can you do that could turn your crisis into your opportunity?

Have you stopped reaching out to friends other than by text or FaceBook?

Do you miss seeing your friends' faces?

There are other ways to connect and still see each other virtually!

And in saying that, I know how much I love to see many of you at get-togethers and retreats at my home, so I have something for you!!


When: Friday 17th April, 6.00 P.M. via Zoom!

Complete with coaching, Aroma Freedom Processes with Essential Oils, and a Health Coach who's jumping on from Canberra, Australia.

Are some of these things familiar right now?

1.  You've been caught snacking too much!

2. You've been forgetting how your Essential Oils can be your lifesaver in these moments?

3. Do you need to change some thinking from worrying back to creating new possibilities?

4.  You're losing the battle with feeling "locked-in"  and need to see some friendly faces?

If any of those relate, then this is a great time to turn it around while having a great evening in your ballgown, or your pj's!  It's entirely up to you.

And, yup I know finances are a wee bit tight and worrisome.  So, I have made this so affordable you can jump on and have a great time without breaking your bank at all.

Less than your coffee take out at Starbucks! (unless you drink it black as I do then I guess it would be two take-outs)!


And, invite a friend or two to join you!

Because it's virtual, there's room for everyone!

No number or space restrictions.

In these times we need each other, so I hope I'll see your face on Friday 17th April, at 6.00 P.M. on ZOOM!

(Link will be sent by email to those participating)


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