What Happened To The Me I Know ?

I went to Costco earlier today.

Life as we knew it has definitely changed.

I wouldn't have believed what I saw today if you'd told me this just two short months ago.

Everyone was wearing masks.

There was no food court.

Everything was changed.

Have you felt you've changed through this?

Have you suddenly stopped?

And, now that things are opening up, are you still staying home because you're afraid?

Fear can change us to the point we don't recognize who we are because we've lost our sense of purpose.

Has your purpose changed from two months ago?

Some of us were leading ministries in our church.

Some were working at their jobs that are no longer there.

Everyone has become a chef whether you can cook or not, and a teacher while working from home.

We are NOT the same as we were.

But, have you GROWN through this?

Have you found a new sense of purpose or do you need a kick start?

Or, have you gone back to work and found it's not what you want to do anymore?

Have you found a greater faith than you had before?

I've got a gift for you today and I hope you read it and find where you are in this unusual time.

You see, what we focus on is what we get.

If you focus on the fear, the isolation, and the lack of normalcy as we know it, then that's what will become your life.

If you focus on going forward, growing in your faith, and finding ways to pivot to a new place, then that's what will become your new life.   

So give me a grin, have a laugh, and find the new improved you that's going to leap into this new and changing world.

I'm here if you want to chat.  Just contact me and we can have that virtual coffee and solve the problems of the world!!

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