Our brain is powerful!

It can be logical, practical, creative, intuitive, create thoughts, powerful, and silent.

We have a thinking part, (the left brain,) and a feeling part, (the right brain.)

And when they come together to be single-minded, we have power, the ability to act, make huge changes in our lives, be healthy, peaceful, and joyous.

Now, ask yourself, how often are you single-minded?

Most of the time, if you're like me, I am struggling with my left and right brain having a tug of war!

I write a list of your desires, goals, dreams, and then the feelings of doubt, fear, unworthiness, and self-sabotage start to make those things I really want seem almost impossible.

So, then the buffering comes in.

"What's buffering" you may ask.

It's all the things you do that stop you from consciously putting the two sides of your brain together and get it done.

When you know that you need to write that schedule for next week or food prep so you won't cheat, or put your latest blog, or offer out there for people to see, you sidetrack yourself.  You watch some rubbish TV or eat a bag of chips, scroll through social media, anything but put in the work to get the desires of your heart.

Why does this happen, and why does it happen so often?

Because really the brain thinks it's protecting us from doing something uncomfortable.

And, to intentionally create the desires of your heart requires you to get uncomfortable.

Life changes, which come from changing feelings, and thoughts, require single-mindedness.  Single-mindedness requires the conscious effort to bring both sides of the brain into harmony.  To a single mind. 

A mind that is powerful, and can create all of the things you wish to have.

Learning to be single-minded takes being mindful.  Practicing mindfulness.  Daily, hourly, every time you feel distracted from your purpose.

Mindful of thoughts.

Mindful of words.

Mindful of feelings.

When we feel one thing, and think the same one thing, we are using our whole brain.  

We are no longer at war inside, we are no longer double-minded, we are single-minded on that one thing.


To put it simply, to create your success, your desires, your goals, you need to agree with both sides of your brain.



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