Have you ever been in a place where you totally lost momentum?

I have! It sort of crept up on me, like, one day I was firing on all cylinders and then I realized that I was stopped.....................!!!!!!!!!!

I was left scratching my head as to how I got here.  When did I stop going forward and why?

I don't scratch my head or get "stuck" anymore for very long because I've learned skills to help me through the times when I'm changing either direction or just needing time to pause and reflect.

I have some tricks for when these times occur and I'd love to share a couple with you!

1.  Start looking at my thoughts!

Thoughts rule our feelings, actions, and results.  The trick here is to identify what thoughts are making you stop.  Generally, it's triggered by a life event where your mind remembers a similar circumstance and your mind wants to go the same path as before even if the result ended badly.  Solution?  Capture the thought, and start changing your path to the result you desire not the one created by default.

2.  Give myself "Grace!"

Let's face it sometimes we have things that happen in life where we need to take a moment to regroup.  I have found personally not to make big decisions when I am feeling out of sorts.  I actually pause in these moments to make sure I'm allowing the situation to pass, I'm free of judgment, and I'm attracting what I want, not what I don't want because of negative feelings and thoughts.

3.  I re-group!

In other words, I look at all of the circumstances and let myself see what's true and what I might be assuming is true.  Very often our mind plays tricks with the truth and that's exactly when you need to be sure of all the facts, so you can proceed accordingly.

Just like Tinkerbell, we can have our heads and our minds stuck in unreality.

A short story for you. September was a month I'm not sure I want to repeat anytime soon!  I had a grandbaby born on August 31st, I got word I needed to fly to Australia on the 4th, my mother passed away on the 10th, and I flew home on the 19th.  One of my daughters, who was 33 weeks pregnant moved in a few days after I got home and then went into premature labor and had her 34-week baby on the 26th.  We also said goodbye to two granddogs who went over the rainbow and found we had to totally re-do the kitchen in our barndominium.

To say that I've put these three tips into practice is HECK YEAH!

Next time you're feeling like "Pooh,"  try these tips above!

Ta Ta for now!

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