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Today I'm writing a little about the Law of Sufficiency and Abundance. This Law states that you have everything within you right now to make all your dreams and desires a reality. We actually live in a world of abundance though most people have been led to believe it's a world of scarcity.

11 Corinthians, 3:5 states "Our Sufficiency is from God."

There is always enough even when we believe that there isn't. God has no limits. He is limitless so why should we limit God? That is what is called thinking in lack, instead of thinking in limitless abundance and sufficiency. Here are a few tips about helping not to think in lack but rather have thoughts of enough sufficiency.

Here are 5 things that keep us thinking we aren't enough and don't have enough.

  • Comparisons to others - it's easy to feel like we don't measure up when we compare ourselves to those around us.
  • Fear of failure - the fear of not being able to meet our own expectations, or the expectations of those around us, can be a major obstacle to feeling like we are enough.
  • Negative self-talk - telling ourselves that we are not good enough or that we are not worthy can be a major contributing factor to feeling like we don't have enough.
  • Perfectionism - striving for perfection can lead to feelings of inadequacy and an inability to appreciate our own accomplishments.
  • Lack of gratitude - not taking the time to reflect on what we do have and be grateful for it can make us focus on what we don't have.

So, ask yourself when is enough? When you lose that 10lb, or have a million dollars in the bank, or have an ideal relationship. When you chase outside of yourself, you will never feel truly satisfied, or feel "enough."

What is Abundance?

The Law of Abundance is having everything you need when you need it, and as much as you need it, in the specific way you need it. So how can you apply this law? Here are five tips.

5 Tips on applying the law of abundance to your life

  • Believe and visualize abundance: Believe that you are worthy of receiving abundance in all areas of your life. Visualize yourself having abundance in all areas of your life - wealth, health, relationships, and joy.
  • Give thanks: Express gratitude for all the abundance that you have and will receive. Make it a habit to express your gratitude and appreciation for all the wonderful things you have in your life.
  • Live in the present moment: Live in the present moment and enjoy it. Don't dwell on the past or worry about the future. Focus on what is happening in the present and be thankful for all the abundance you have.
  • Be open to receiving: Be open to receiving abundance in all areas of your life. Believe that you can receive abundance, and be willing to accept it when it comes.
  • Take action: Taking action is the key to manifesting your desires. Make a plan and take action steps towards achieving your goals. Believe and trust in the process and take consistent action.

Whatever you are focused on is where your attention will be. You will have an abundance of either plenty or lack according to where your focus is. 

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Remember, you cannot have a positive life and a negative mind..........Joyce Meyer

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Wishing you much abundance this week!


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