Does Your Mind Play Tricks On You

We live in a world that's full of constant news, most of it negative.

And, currently, we cannot listen to any media without hearing about the latest health crisis.

So, what does that do to our minds and what thoughts are coming at us?

Whatever we choose!

We do get to choose what thoughts we listen to, even when they are bombarding us!

Our peanut brain (the amygdala) would like us to dwell on past patterns of fear and anxiety.

But, we do not have to listen to it.

We spend a lot of time and energy dwelling on our past and also conjuring up "what might happen" instead.  What if we gathered all that energy,  and returned it to ourselves to focus on being happy and healthy?

I have had times in my life where I spent way too much time and energy on being "anxious" and it generally was about things that hadn't happened, and most likely would not happen.

So, what can I do when fear, or anxiety, hits?

For me, I love to use my senses.

The sense of smell is one of the best senses to use to calm and rationalize in times when your brain wants to panic.


Because that peanut part of our brain responds directly to smell.

We can use smell, along with choosing the thoughts we want to have, to change old patterns and beliefs that don't serve us anymore.

My favorite essential oils for locking in new beliefs are called "Believe!"

After using other oils, such as Inner Child, a combination of Lavender, Stress Away and Frankincense, or Clarity, Believe will help you to stay focused on your new thought patterns. And, when you continue to use it and affirm your new direction daily, releasing those unwanted belief systems will happen faster.

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