Okie dokie!  It's nearly February!

The so called month of love................

Valentine's Day!

Red roses, chocolates, diamonds, and anything else you can think of!

I'm going to go here and talk about the different scenarios for this particular holiday......

One is you're happily coupled, meaning, married, betrothed, but together with your mate.

Two is you're unhappily coupled..........with all that comes with that........

And three you're alone.  No partner, just you and friends.

In every one of these situations, there is love, great love, to be experienced and built upon.

I know you are going, well, I can't see that, but let's just take a step back and look at a few things I could mention that have worked in my forty-two years of amazing marriage with my awesome hubby!

First and foremost there is the Platinum Rule.  This goes for couples and for singles.

For couples?  You treat your partner better than yourself, and always put them first.  Applies to both partners.

For singles?  You treat yourself better than anyone else and make sure you're not saying Yes when you should be saying NO!

When you are already in a harmonious relationship, this Platinum rule will take your marriage, or partnership to a much greater level.  Imagine putting each others needs ahead of your own.  Do you know how good that feels?💖 

And, even if it is only one-sided to start off, it will change the dynamics.  There will be more kindness, pleasure, and all the good feels.

Now, if the relationship is a little rocky, applying the Platinum rule is going to take this out of rocky to a more stable, friendly, and kind place.  It's hard to argue when someone is intentionally being kind and looking after you.  When that significant other has cooked a favorite meal, or put candles on the table, opened a bottle of wine, and laid out the cheese and crackers!  💖 

Mending relationships has to start somewhere so why not with you?  You'll be surprised how that tension eases when there's loving kindness involved.

And, so you're single.............for whatever reason.  Well, there's no need not to celebrate yourself, your achievements, and give yourself some self-care/love. ❤️  

Intentional loving kindness will melt the ice, the tension, the argument, and the resistance, as long as you can let go of any resistance you feel.  Taking the first step and letting go of any negative feelings whether that's with a partner or yourself is the road to not only living a better life, having a better relationship, but to the art of "Having It All."

You see you already have the power of love living within you.  Tap into that power and let it loose!

You also have the power within you to change your feelings when they don't align with how you want to feel.  Take a moment and start thinking on better things.  When you start thinking of a better situation, not apportioning blame, not assuming you know what the other person is thinking, then the feeling will change.  When you begin to look for the good, the feeling will change, and the relationship will change.

Deliberately creating what you want means you focus on what you want the outcome to be, even in relationships.  Bringing good, happy, wonderful, memories to mind, changes how you think and you feel.

Using a Young Living emotional Essential Oil will help make this work better and faster.  If you don't know about those then book a coffee chat with me and I'll be happy to help you.

Changing our feelings, and emotions is key to good relationships.

Speaking and acting with kindness is key to good relationships.

Applying the Platinum rule is key to GREAT relationships.

If this speaks to you please book a free virtual call with me today!   Here's the LINK!

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  1. Shaillie Gattis  01/31/2022 07:13 PM Central
    Great advice and so true!!!

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