Yikes! I moved the fridge...........

So, you moved the fridge?????  Now you're going....................

The last time I moved the fridge, I was horrified, to say the least.

Then I was deflated.........

Maybe disheartened...........

I thought I kept my home pretty clean, but yikes!

It was embarrassing in a sort of way, but as I was cleaning all that "stuff" up, including things that had been missing for a long time, I had an Ephiny.  

Ok, remember the pearl in the oyster that is only formed by adding layer upon layer, sometimes layer upon layer doesn't make a pearl, it makes a mess.

I am well aware that when I shove stuff down deep somewhere in my brain, thoughts, and feelings, it can get messy.

I'm not attending to it, because I'm sort of hiding it, or hiding from it.

I don't want to look at it, and deal with it.

So, it grows.

Into big dust balls like you find under the fridge, or the stove when you finally move that sucker.

And, they are now covered up with other stuff.

Gooey, sticky, messy and it all needs a lot more attention to clean it up and out than if attended to when it first happened.

Well, I can't answer for you, but I am constantly amazed at what "old junk thoughts" are hidden deep inside my brain.

We all have old habits, which occur from old thoughts, that don't serve us anymore.

I know I have, and I know a lot of other people who struggle with those same old patterns that quite frankly are making them disheartened.

Disheartened because they can't lose weight and keep it off!

Disheartened because they're not happy with their relationships!

Disheartened because their finances are not in line with their expenses!

Disheartened because their new business is not gaining momentum and is crashing!

Disheartened because they think they are failing as a mom, wife, and daughter.

Did you know you can find those "blocks" or old "thoughts" that are now causing you to feel this way?

If you didn't know that, I can tell you now that you don't have to keep on being disheartened.  You can change those patterns which are leading to your feelings.

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Have a beautiful day!


Are you a precious Pearl?

The other day I was getting dressed and thought I needed that "something" extra to just give my jeans and rather cool top a bit of "pop."

So, I did what every woman does, I went digging through my jewelry to find just the right piece.

And then, I remembered my pearls.

The ones my amazing hubby bought me for my "something or other" birthday.

Having lots of children in your home does not lend to wearing your pearls very often, but these pearls are very special.

When both my sisters turned "forty" my mother bought them pearls.

What they did with them, or even if they remember I don't know, but I did know I didn't receive the valued string of pearls for my fortieth.  I have no idea why, and to be frank, she might have been upset with me because I was changing countries, just after that monumental birthday.

But, although I was disappointed, I went on my merry way until one fine day, around my another non-eventful birthday, my amazing hubby came home with the most exquisite string of REAL pearls.

Well, I got them out of their special case, put them on and remembered that pearls are the perfect jewelry for every occasion.  They gave me that "special" feeling of being unique all over again.

You see, a pearl is unique.  

It is not fashioned by man, it is fashioned by God, inside the oyster.

In fact, a parasite creeps into the oyster and the oyster fashions it into something beautiful instead of something that was not.

You and I are the same.

We are unique.


And, if we listen closely to the voice within us, we too are fashioned into exactly what God intends for us.

He gently, over time, polishes and molds us into His unique pearl.

One that is like no other.

One that is fashioned for His purpose and plan.

Perhaps you feel that you need a little polishing to get some of your sparkle back after these longs months of living through a pandemic.

Then save the date, Saturday, July 22nd for an amazing day at my farm.

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A thought to leave you with!

Why do we compare Heaven to a pearl?  A pearl is a perfect simile because a fine pearl is a valuable treasure that needs no polishing or cutting by man. It comes to us complete and lustrous created by God through nature, as is the kingdom of heaven, which only God could create and perfect.
Matthew 13.45/46.

Your minds' GPS

Did you know that your mind has its own maps and guidance system?

It has memories since before you were born.

That's why sometimes you react instinctively,  seemingly without thought.

But, you did have a thought, one that has been programmed into your brain from a memory so long ago.

Ok, let me explain.

All of the situations, good, bad, happy, sad, or indifferent, are stored in your brain.

In a tiny peanut size place called the Amygdala.

And, this part of your brain is trying to keep you safe, protected, and away from harm.

Except, you don't need some of this anymore, you are not in danger of tigers and snakes!

I've got a freebie for you today and you can get this at the end of this short message.

It's all about how our mind can rule us if we let it.

You see, it's OUR mind, not the other way round.

By that, I mean, your mind is not in control of you, you are in control of your mind.

It sounds like gobblygook I know, but it's why sometimes we are too afraid, and fear overcomes us and keeps us from moving forward and enjoying our life.

It's why we have subconscious habits that derail us all over the place.

Like releasing weight, achieving that goal, turning that side-gig into a paying one, going on that cruise or holiday you've dreamed of but can't seem to ever have enough finances to book it!

It's our brain, out of control, and stopping us from getting what we want because of old beliefs it thinks are still serving you and keeping you safe!

The good news is..............

YOU CAN take control and learn to focus on what it is you want, not what you don't want.

So, you can download my free, short EBook, "Find Your Focus" below, and if you'd like to chat more about it join me on a zoom call on March 8th and let's talk about why you struggle with the small stuff, the stuff that gets between your toes!

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Where's life as we knew it.......................

Life has changed, whether you like it or not, and you get to choose about that.

By that, I mean, you can choose to be grateful for everything in your life, or choose to live in fear and doubt about your future.

The Essential Law of Deliberate Creation sums that up very well.

What you focus on, or what you put your energy on, is what you will create.

Let's dig into that a little deeper.

So, if you're focused on being unhappy about the things you think you can't have, you will create more unhappiness and your energy will be directed at finding more and more things wrong.

When you can understand that life will not always be as we would like it to be, we still have many things to be grateful for and when we focus on those things, we expand the positive and release any resistance or limiting thoughts.

Ok, so what does resistance look like, and what do I mean by that?

Resistance comes in the form of fear, doubt, anxiety, disappointment, loneliness, lack, sadness, confusion, stress, anger, hurt, resentment, envy, jealousy, blame, guilt, boredom, depression, and judgment.

When you begin to have these feelings, you can and should feel the feeling, but hanging onto it only leads us to create by default.

BUT, the good news is you don't have to create something you don't want!

You get to choose what you want to create by using a few of the tips I'm going to give you right now!

When you understand that there's no limit to what you can create in your life, and align your thoughts, intentions, emotions, feelings, beliefs, behaviors, attitudes, clear expectations and words, deeds, and actions, you create what it is that you desire!

Here are a few ways to deliberately create the life you want:

  • Declare your intention.
  • Feel it like it's already done and believe it.
  • Think about it, focus on it and pay attention as to WHY you want it.
  • Have a timeline or time frame in mind.
  • Be grateful NOW for already receiving it.
  • Expect success
  • Take every required step to get it done.
  • Trust the process and remain detached from the results.
I could go on and tell you more but you can get a free copy of my small Ebook about focus.  This is a gift to you that will easily explain how your mind can and will lead to astray trying to protect you!  You can download it here access below!

Being mindful, and having the mindset that you need to manifest and create the life of your dreams, takes time, purpose, intent, desire, and the belief that you will trust the process to achieve your goals.

If you would like to know more about The Seven Essential Laws and how they work in your life, I have an awesome digital, online course that you can access.  This is a very in-depth way to learn how all of these Essential Laws work together for you to be able to attract and create the life you are wanting.  This course is for the ridiculous price of............................$67

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I am here to tell you YOU_CAN_HAVE_IT_ALL!

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Have an awesome blessed week!!

What are you grateful for?

What are you grateful for?

This has been a tough month for me, with lots of challenges.

No COVID 19, but a pretty nasty virus just the same.

It got me thinking.

About being grateful for what I have.............

And for God's faithfullness in all ways.

Including Abundance.

Many people think Abundance is wealth, like as in money.

Abundance is wealth in all areas of your life, including relationships, health, emotions and money.

Money is not an evil word, it's just energy.

It's the energy we choose to buy and sell things we need in our life.

So what if we became grateful for all the abundance that is in our lives, even the stuff we are currently not seeing as being abundant?

What if you committed with me for 30 days in November to be grateful for our abundance that is coming in the form of blessings every day?

What if you committed with me to not complain, not even once, but gave thanks for every situation in the month of November?

This is my challenge to me, and I am extending it to you!

For this challenge, you will need the following.......

(a) a notebook or journal

(b) Abundance Young Living Essential Oil

(c) Gratitude Young Living Essential Oil

(d) Ten minutes daily for your affirmations

(e) Ten minutes five days a week to tune into the FB group to catch the live where I will be giving the affirmation and a very short meditation on what we are grateful for today.

So, are you in!!!

Go over to Go-Getters FB page (here's the link https://www.facebook.com/groups/184891895587010)
and comment with "I'm in!"

This is going to be awesome!

This is going to kick 2021 in the you know where for a great start to the holidays and the New Year!

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